SonoVet is a mobile ultrasound consultation service serving veterinarians in San Antonio, Austin & I-35 Corridor of the Hill Country of Texas. SonoVet is independently owned and operated by Dr. Marty Henderson and is not affiliated with any ultrasound company or other entity. SonoVet was founded in June 2008.

Advanced diagnostic ultrasound has become a standard of care in veterinary medicine and can non-invasively produce results unequaled by any other diagnostic medium.  The results are immediate and the information gleaned can greatly enhance the relationship between the general practitioner and client because of the good results the practitioner creates by enhancing diagnostic efficiency on a wide variety of cases.

"It's my goal to become an invaluable partner in your practice by providing the highest quality diagnostic ultrasound services, within your hospital, helping you through enhanced diagnostic efficiency and client retention!" - Dr. Marty Henderson

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Dr. Henderson was invited to appear on Fox Business on the John Stossel show to represent small business.  The show aired on April 15, 2010 (Tax Day) and was about our current tax system and how it desperately needs to be reformed or replaced with one less complex & fair.  The show was a very interesting show and you can view the entire episode here.

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"Dr. Henderson and SonoVet have been a great asset to our practice and to my personal development as a practitioner. Among the most valuable services I can offer to anxious clients are pain free and non-invasive answers. Marty and SonoVet provide exactly those answers, time and time again, helping me and my clients make accurate, beneficial, and humane decisions. "

Robert Blagg, DVM
San Marcos, TX

"Banfield doctors in Central Texas are very fortunate to have Dr. Henderson and SonoVet. It has been a blessing for us and for our clients to have such a reliable and fast resource. While in practice in this area (since 2009), I found that SonoVet has always been organized and professional. And there’s nothing like having those extra medical tidbits and suggestions - not only when he comes to work with a patient, but through regular email contact too."
Andrea Sanchez, DVM
Medical Director - Banfield the Pet Hospital, San Antonio, TX

"Dr. Henderson has provided exceptional service enabling the doctors at St. Francis of Assisi to expedite the proper treatment for the benefit of our patients. The doctors at St. Francis of Assisi also appreciate the consultation service provided with each ultrasound, which allows us to give our clients immediate information on their pet's medical condition."

Drs. Holub, Bauml, Ruiz, Musquiz
San Antonio, TX

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  • Increased profit potential for your hospital by not referring the patient/client out of your facility. Many cases do not require advanced specialized care once the diagnosis is determined and continued treatment can be completed in your facility. 
  • Maintaining the case in-house allows for case continuity and prevents loss of clientele to other hospitals.
  • Profit is made on the ultrasound exam without the need of advanced training or owning expensive ultrasound equipment, while having minimal impact on hospital resources.
  • For hospitals with ultrasound equipment, valuable experience is gained by getting help on challenging cases outside your comfort zone.
  • Rapid turn-around of results gives the client confidence in you, the practitioner.
  • When applicable, in-house medical consultations aid in case management, choice of therapies or further diagnostics.

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